Sherwood Lakes HOA


We have received a lot of complaints in regards to parking issues in the past few weeks and have been working diligently to come up with a solution. While we have been trying to work with the attorney to come up with a viable solution it has become clear that some of our owners/residents clearly are not going to comply with any of the rules that are in place, nor with the requests to have their vehicles registered so we have made a decision to begin enforcement immediately. Beginning tonight tickets will be issued for the following:


  • Unregistered vehicles - in Visitor and Resident spots (the new green stickers have been available since last year)
  • Vehicles parked in Guest Parking - without parking decals or guest parking passes
  • Commercial Vehicles - These will be TOWED after 1 ticket, commercial vehicles are NOT permitted on SLHOA property
  • Pick up trucks without proper HARD covers
  • Vehicles that are parked BEHIND other vehicles blocking them in - IMMEDIATE TOW
  • Vehicles that are parked on the grass - IMMEDIATE TOW


For the violations without any explanations behind them we follow the 3 ticket system as we have always done. Please call the office to get your vehicles registered.


We have been more than patient with everyone, unfortunately, that has led to more issues than anticipated. Year-end vehicle registration information: Please click here to find out details!